This is the new Fly Porsche RS, A901

I have always liked the 911, and when I first saw 
Fly was releasing one I knew I had to have it.

Clicking on the image for a larger view you'll
notice Fly even used little chrome door handles.

The details on this car are not just on the body, take a look at the chassis bottom.

For non magnet fans yes, plenty of room 
on the bottom for adding weight.

OK, so now that we've had a little eye candy, how does it run?
    Right out of the box it ran just fine. A bit of gear noise, but that should break right in quick enough.
The car seems fast, and drove very well. (To fast in stock form to run with a ninco classic in fact.)

    I only adjusted the braids, nothing else and it looks like it'll run right with most RTR cars without a problem. The tires and wheels are fairly true, tires needed just a little sanding to clean off some flashing and hooked up well on my carrera track. Wheel detail is painted on, and the tire tampo printing looked nice. Be carefull however, it will rub off when peeling a tire off the rim.

    The chassis Fly put on this car is unique. The motor is behind the rear axle. There are those that have already voiced they dislike this, but running in stock form it seemed fine to me. I like both magnet, and non magnet racing so stock,I had no problems buzzing around my track. For non magnet racing fans the chassis sits high enough to lead the bottom, and once inside near the guide there is also room for weight. I may experiment non mag later on. For now I'm enjoying this car bone stock.

    Lap times can be pushed, but push it to hard and once the magnet breaks free of the track rails it will deslot. I founds it's a bit of a fine line between sliding and deslotting. The back of the car is heavier so the guide lifts from the slot and it spins around. 
No rollovers with this car, push it to hard it just spins out. If you like the way the Fly GT40 drives this car is similar, a bit more touchy but similar.

Here is the Fly Porsche next to a ninco 934.
Notice how much room the guide has to pivot.
It's in the slot still and the car is sitting almost
at 90 degrees 

In the 2 images above you can see there
is plenty of room for lead sheet underneath
the chassis.


If you feel like tinkering here is a start...

On the right  ( #LB1063) sheet lead .063   cut with scissors, peal and press in place just behind the guide.

..... Racing this car against a Ninco 934 I'm not sure who would win. The Fly might be faster in a straight line but it's much narrower and weighted different in stock form. 

I'm sure anyone willing to tinker some will have this car blistering around their track.

Overall, I think Fly did an excellent job. This car has detail like no other, close to diecast even. 

A great runner RTR and with some tinkering I'm sure even the non magnet crowd will be pleased. 

I want to thank Gene ( for sending me this car and I am looking forward to the next release, A931 Porsche 911T Waldegaard Montecarlo. 


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